RMJM Urban Design Group (UDG) is a global team of urban designers and masterplanners with a wealth of experience and a passion for sustainable development and functionality. Led by the Executive Director, the renowned architect and urban planner Steven Townsend, and the Global Business Development Team Leader, Abraham Boyd, the studio is a testament to RMJM’s commitment to provide its private and institutional clients with the highest level of urban design.

From their headquarters in Hong Kong, RMJM UDG taps into their leadership’s extensive knowledge to serve clients worldwide and offer them a comprehensive experience as well as the most innovative urban solutions.

RMJM UDG’s interdisciplinary and collaborative approach ensures the seamless development of efficient and high-functioning urban designs and master plans which reflect and improve the way in which we, as humans, interact with the city.

Building on RMJM’s vast urban design portfolio, which features iconic projects like the Commonwealth Games Athletes Village in Glasgow, and the ADNEC Development in Abu Dhabi, RMJM UDG is already exploring a number of opportunities all over the world including Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines.

RMJM UDG’s mission is to create mindful environments that resolve the larger issues surrounding the health of humankind, promote economic development, and bring a positive impact on the quality of everyday life.


Unit 2002
20/F, K. Wah Centre
191 Java Road
North Point
Hong Kong

T: + 852 2149 1968
M: + 852 9048 3433



Steven Townsend, AICP


With over 30 years of experience in master planning and urban design, Steven Townsend brings a wealth of knowledge and an award-winning mentality to RMJM UDG. His interdisciplinary approach encourages thought leadership in conceptual architectural design, land planning, transportation planning, development programming, and landscape design. Steven’s background features a long list of various urban design projects, covering almost all areas of master planning and urban design. Steven’s focus is on sustainable development practices, and his team-centred leadership encourages collaboration across the brand.

Abraham Boyd


With his results-driven approach, RMJM UDG’s Global Business Development Team Leader, Abraham Boyd, brings an incomparable knowledge of the design industry. His ability to deliver in-depth market research has seen him involved in the development of a number of projects, including the GOCO Wellness retreat Master Plan in Bali, and the Beishan Nation Heritage Park Master Plan in Zhuhai. His client-focused mentality is a testament to his list of proven results within the industry, and make him invaluable to the team at RMJM.