RMJM Shenzhen is an ambitious, young and innovative studio led by Professor Yang Hua.

RMJM Shenzhen strives to make each project a unique expression of their client’s vision. One of their most recognised projects, the Zhuhai Observation Tower, is a distinctive example of the studio’s commitment to the client’s needs and the surrounding context, culture and climate. Coupled with the responsibility to preserve and enhance the precious natural resources of the earth, RMJM Shenzhen’s design process ensures every project is a triumph of collaboration, disciplines, expertise and functionality.

The passion and excitement that flows through the RMJM Shenzhen Studio resonates with many of the RMJM Studios around the world. Their approach to life, like their approach to design, makes them highly sought after collaborators on projects within China and internationally.


Global Digital Building
High-Tech Developmental Zone
Nanshan District
P.R China

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Yang Hua

Yang Hua

RMJM Shenzhen

Yang Hua is the Principal of RMJM Shenzhen. He holds a PhD in Architectural Design and Theory, as well as being a Class-A Registered Architect. As a registered senior planner, Dr Yang has comprehensive experience in focusing on the development of complex urban designs. Professor Yang also has an extensive understanding of the harmonious combination of architecture within urban spaces.