RMJM Shanghai is an entrepreneurial and ambitious team led by Jiehe Qiu, an urban planner with more than 20 years of experience in China. Their innovative approach as well as their cultural diversity and international outlook distinguish RMJM Shanghai from many of its international competitors in the city.

RMJM Shanghai’s determination to use their wealth of experience in China, particularly in the area of masterplanning and urban design, to collaborate with other RMJM Studios around the world has led to many of their Chinese clients engaging the team on an ever increasing range of projects internationally.

RMJM Shanghai are primarily focused on working with Chinese companies, investing throughout China and internationally. The team can currently be found working in South Africa on one of the firm’s largest and most exciting projects.


5F No.299 Quyang Road Hongkou District

Tel:+86 63905082




Jiehe Qiu

RMJM Shanghai

Born in Shanghai, Jiehe Qiu graduated from Tongji University with a master’s degree in Urban Planning. He has been an urban planner for more than 20 years and holds qualifications as a senior engineer and Chinese registered planner, amongst others. From 1992 to 2003, Jiehe worked as the urban senior planner at the Shanghai urban planning design and research institute. Currently, Qiu is the CEO of RMJM Shanghai.