RMJM Serbia is a multi-disciplinary team of dedicated architects, designers, and engineers operating from Belgrade, with a portfolio that spans the entire region. Their strong background in innovative architecture, interior design, engineering and construction supervision means the studio has extensive experience in designing everything from aviation projects and sports facilities to commercial masterplans to residential developments.

Led by the CEO and established designer Goran Nikolic and the lead architect Jelena Nikolic, RMJM Serbia share the RMJM family’s ethos of redefining architecture through contemporary design informed by culturally relevant understanding. The studio’s unique geographic setting reinforces RMJM’s commitment to international design standards implemented through an inherent local understanding.

The studio has established a reputation for unique but functional design, with projects such as the Sheremetyevo Airport TB in Moscow and the Kingstown masterplan exhibiting a unique balance between traditional design and contemporary innovation.


Blv Mihajla Pupina 10a 3/15
New Belgrade, Serbia

T: +381 11 404 26 75



Goran Nikolic

RMJM Serbia

As the CEO and lead Project Architect for RMJM Serbia, Goran Nikolic ensures his 20 years' experience in the industry is utilised on every project. With experience in residential, sports, commercial and interior design, Goran's work has been published throughout Serbia. The studio's urban planning work for the city of Kraljevo received a commendation for Best Innovative Project in 2013.

Jelena Krstovic Nikolic

RMJM Serbia

With extensive experience in residential, commercial, sports and interior design, Jelena Nikolic excels in coordinating complex teams to produce inimitable and innovative designs. As lead architect of RMJM Serbia, Jelena's comprehensive knowledge of the industry extends to engineer surveillance and allows her to resolve intricate design details to tight deadlines.