The need for architects to plan for spaces that meet multiple needs has never been greater. This undoubtedly adds to the pressure an architect faces when working on a residential project but, as we’re now seeing, it also leads to prospering creativity. In recent years, RMJM has moved to the forefront of innovative residential design across the globe. Award-winning residential developments in the UAE, Middle East, Asia and Europe have only served to strengthen the resolve of RMJM’s architects to continue to meet the challenges of this market head-on. Below we examine notable residential projects that underpin RMJM’s success in this field.

Mint E5
One of RMJM’s most recent residential projects is currently under construction but open for sales and is already one of the most sought-after new developments in Istanbul. The project itself is, in many ways, something of a beacon for residential design in a city known for its chaotic charm. Close attention has been paid to the future needs of the inhabitants of Mint E5 with major transportation routes nearby ensuring direct connectivity with the city. A pedestrian-friendly environment, heightened by a nearby park, brings a sense of tranquility to the project that also sees each unit provided with an outdoor area for exclusive use by residents. Privacy and light are managed through a second skin on the facade (evolved from the traditional Turkish “pancur”), while there’s a common area on the roof providing panoramic views of Istanbul. Most recently, Mint E5 was recognized at the 2017 RMJM Design Awards and is one of the projects our architects in RMJM Istanbul are most excited about delivering in the near future.

RMJM’s Mint E5 will meet the needs of one of Istanbul’s most thriving communities. 

Athletes Village for Commonwealth Games 2014
RMJM’s were commissioned to design the Athletes Village for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland. Yet, this was no temporary development as we often see in these type of projects. Key to RMJM’s vision was legacy and the transformation of a rundown 38-hectare site in the East End of the city. The Village housed 8,000 athletes for the duration of the 2014 Commonwealth Games before the second phase was implemented which saw it become one of the most sought-after residential areas in Glasgow. Almost 1,500 permanent homes – each benefiting from renewable energy sources on site – showcased a way of designing for sporting events and residents that the UK has often been accused of overlooking in the past. RMJM’s commitment to not just building in cities but growing them has never been more evident and earned praise from RIBA.

RMJM’s vision for permanent homes once the 2014 Commonwealth Games earned widespread praise.

W Hotel & Residences
One of RMJM’s most anticipated projects in 2018 is the W Hotel & Residences in Palm Jumeirah, UAE. The W Hotel, one of the most iconic hotel brands in existence, will offer 300 hotel rooms as part of this development but, significantly, there will also be 45 super-luxury duplex, triplex apartments, and penthouses. RMJM’s role on this project has helped see a quite stunning building take form over 2017 with a 2018 unveiling in mind. A unique location is highlighted by vistas to the waterfront which create intimate court spaces along the water edge. Residents and hotel guests will be able to take advantage of the plentiful retail, dining and function facilities situated on the ground floor of the building which offers dual aspect views. Luxury residential accommodation is rarely this good.

The W Hotel & Residences will offer unique ocean views.



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