RMJM Architecture in MENA

RMJM has maintained a unique and long lasting relationship with the Middle East and North Africa. The relationship has seen the firm engage in some of the region’s most recognisable projects whilst surviving a number of severe economic downturns together.

The early ‘60s saw RMJM enter Libya for the first time, commissioned to develop a masterplan for a township outside Tripoli. This led to a series of major housing, tourism and cultural projects in Libya over the next 20 years. RMJM returned to Libya again in 2009 following a commission to design new Universities in Bani Walid and Zliten. Despite receiving widespread acclaim, the projects would not proceed following the 2011 revolution.

RMJM’s presence in the MENA region in the early ‘60s would also lead the firm to secure some high profile civic African architecture commissions. Working for the United Nations Development Programme in 1973, RMJM led a team of consultants in developing a masterplan for cities in the Suez Canal zone of North East Egypt, virtually abandoned after the ‘Six Day War’ of 1967. In the same country, over 30 years later, RMJM was appointed to develop a masterplan for a new city outside Cairo.

RMJM’s long relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia began in 1968 following the implementation of regional planning as a positive element of government economic policy. RMJM was invited to prepare a plan for the Western Region of the Kingdom together with masterplans and detailed studies for the commercial capital and the Holy Cities of Makkah and Madinah. With no maps or reliable information on which to base a plan, it was a formidable challenge. There was a significant language barrier, the need to secure the confidence of local consultants and, above all, the need to understand and respect Islam and the cultural environment it expressed. To begin to address these challenges, RMJM established an inter-disciplinary team of architects, engineers, geographers and statisticians in Jeddah who would work on this project well into the mid ‘80s.

RMJM’s close relationship with Saudi Arabia would continue into the 21st Century. Today two iconic towers in Riyadh’s King Abdullah Financial District are nearing completion and RMJM are once again working with the Kingdom’s Ministry of Interior. RMJM currently operates from two Saudi studios, RMJM Riyadh and RMJM Jeddah, whilst continuing to work around the Kingdom.

In July 1971, shortly before the formation of the United Arab Emirates, RMJM established a studio in Dubai. RMJM was the first registered international consultant used by the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Over the next 40 years, the firm participated in some of the UAE’s most prominent and celebrated projects, including the world renowned Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the Dubai International Convention Centre (DICC), The Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) and the world’s most leaning building, Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi.

During the Global Financial Crisis, RMJM’s decision to maintain its international office in Dubai, as many of its international competitors retrenched to their home markets, was widely publicised. Recently RMJM has engaged in significant projects with the Omani Government in Muscat, the Bahraini Government in Manama and the Iraqi Government in Baghdad. In Qatar, RMJM have designed the signature Dubai Tower for the Doha Corniche.

Today RMJM has studios in Dubai, Tehran and Riyadh. Each studio functions as a multi-disciplinary practice designing everything from private residential structures to public hospitality buildings.

Continuing to Redefine Architecture

We have assembled a family of Architects worthy of the RMJM heritage. We are characterised by our passion to design buildings which enhance the quality of all aspects of your life.

International Design Delivered Locally

We have been International Architects for fifty years. We think globally but we are not visitors. We live where you live, speak your language and share your values. We are where you need us to be.

Our Strength is Our Partnership

The RMJM family is spread across five continents. We work for and with each other. We work for and with our partners and clients. Our success is founded on a mutually dependent culture which inspires visionary design.


Arta Rostami Ravari

Arta Rostami Ravari is the Managing Director and Head of Design at RMJM Arta Tehran and RMJM Arta Zurich. Her diverse background in Civil Engineering, Architecture and Economics, coupled with her deep understanding of Iran and Switzerland, ensures that clients' exact specifications remain at the forefront of every project.


Raymond Park

Raymond Park is the Chief Executive of RMJM in Dubai. Raymond is a well-respected member of the development and construction industry in Dubai and is a former Director of RMJM. He has a wealth of experience in the Middle East construction industry which has seen him gain a first class reputation that has encompassed periods with design consultants, real estate developers and project managers.


Neil Van Der Veen

Neil Van Der Veen joined the RMJM family in 2004. Neil’s innovative vision matches that of RMJM, and through his role as Principal for the firm he has played a key role in the management and mentoring of a diverse team of designers. Based in Dubai, Neil has built up a remarkable portfolio of projects ranging from the design of residential master plans to large-scale, high-end mixed use developments. His experience includes designs for developments in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.


Chris Laack

With over 20 years of professional experience; Chris has developed expertise in both the design and management of highly complex, large-scale projects across the globe. His work includes urban planning, shopping centers, mixed-use developments, business parks, residential complexes, hotels and resorts. Chris earned his bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Detroit. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).


Andrew Mowat

Andrew has worked in the Middle East since 2009. He has considerable experience in project management, compliance monitoring, and contract resolution roles across a range of sectors including commercial, education, healthcare, science & technology, and residential. He is a Chartered Architect, Chartered Project Manager, and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbiters. Currently he is sitting on the RIBA Gulf Chapter Committee.


Ken Kerr

With over 25 years’ of international experience throughout Europe and the Middle East, Ken has focused on the retail, aviation and mixed-use sectors. An award winning Architect and Interior Designer, he has an established track record in delivering complex, time critical projects. A strong team leader, he develops integrated, high quality, effective design solutions that meet the exact needs of the client.


Arif Mehmood

Joining the RMJM family in the summer of 2011, Arif has proven his skill in handling projects as he oversaw the completion of several award-winning projects both at RMJM and in previous roles. In his extensive career he has worked on projects as wide-ranging as Manchester Art Gallery, Bracken House, Westminster Underground Station and Gate Village in Dubai.


Angela Manthorpe

Responsible for the Middle East branch of RMJM’s business, Angela Manthorpe works as the Regional Business Development Manager in Dubai. With comprehensive experience in business development and marketing, Angela‘s intrinsic knowledge of foreign markets, coupled with her determined work ethic, has made her an indispensable facet of the RMJM Dubai team. On every project she endeavours to ensure the client’s needs are effectively communicated, completely understood and delivered in as time-efficient and cost-effective a manner as possible.


RMJM Middle East | Studios

RMJM, Dubai

RMJM in Dubai has built an international reputation on innovative, sustainable design rooted in the understanding of local culture and traditions. The team has an extensive portfolio built since RMJM settled here in 1971 working with private, corporate and institutional clients in the Middle East. The team utilise their shared skill-set to consistently win and deliver high quality designs and award winning landmarks. Whether it’s masterplanning, architecture, interior design or lead consultancy, the Dubai studio demonstrate their pioneering vision across every field.

The firm is renowned for exceptional design leadership and management; translating into every project they take on, including the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) and the world’s most pitched building, the Capital Gate, also in Abu Dhabi.

Office 501, 5th Floor
Building 4
Dubai Design District
PO Box 333244
United Arab Emirates

Tel: +9714 563 8888
E: info@rmjmd3.com

RMJM Arabia

RMJM has enjoyed an illustrious career in Saudi Arabia since 1968, where an enduring international relationship between the firm and the Saudi Royal Family flourished to produce challenging and locally engaging projects.

RMJM were given the opportunity to design the first plans for the Western region of Saudi Arabia, with master plans for the Holy cities of Mecca and Medina as well as the commercial capital Jeddah. Today RMJM Saudi Arabia continues to work on projects around the Kingdom, such as the Waterfall and the Terraces, both high-end mixed use projects based in the King Abdullah Financial District.

Makarim Riyadh Hotel
(Near King Khalid International Airport)
PO BOX 14552
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

E: arabia@rmjm.com

RMJM Arta Tehran

RMJM Arta Tehran is a multi-disciplinary team of dedicated architects and designers whose extensive experience and intrinsic local knowledge ensure the clients exact specifications remain at the forefront of every project. With a strong background in innovative architecture, together with it’s sister studio in Zurich, RMJM Arta Tehran is internationally recognised for it’s experience in museums and cultural projects.

Led by the Managing Director Arta Rostami, RMJM Arta Tehran shares the RMJM family’s ethos of redefining architecture through contemporary design informed by culturally relevant understanding. The studio’s unique geographic setting reinforces RMJM’s commitment to international design standards implemented through an inherent local understanding.