RMJM’s Gate to the East has been included in Architectural Digest’s latest feature: ‘9 of the Most Striking Skyscrapers with Holes in Them’. The article draws attention to skyscrapers that break the mould and provide a new kind of idea of what we expect a modern skyscraper to be. The practical benefits of these unique structures are also highlighted as these building are deemed to “offer city dwellers bold new forms to admire from the outside, but tenants within can enjoy sources of light that far more traditional skyscrapers preclude.”

The Gate to the East (also referred to as the Gate of the Orient or, more playfully, the Pants Building) has captured the general public’s attention like few other skyscrapers in recent decades. As a focus point to the business district. the building took inspiration from the historic and cultural references of the famous Gardens of Suzhou. The 990 ft structure introduces a dramatic gateway to the city of Suzhou and represents the significance of China in the world today.

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