Shenzhen Metro Line 6 Development 

  • Location  Shenzhen, China
  • Client  Shenzhen Metro Co. Ltd
  • Sector  Urban Planning, Mixed-Use
  • Size  234,840 m²
  • Status  Competition
  • Year  2015
  • Scope  Urban Design, Architecture

The project is located in the West core area of Guangming Tech Industrial Park and consists of residential, commercial and public facilities. RMJM’s proposal optimizes and clarifies the original plan of the area: commercial facilities have been designed along the main road with residential areas along the river views.

The land use can be optimised by making a small change in a branch road while maintaining everything else in the original plan of the area. The area’s transportation system is based around existing main roads, organisation is structured around the distinct branch roads and secondary roads. Development is expected to begin from the depot and advance with the construction of Line 6 so that they are simultaneously completed.

This proposal also includes a detailed design of Changzhen Station’s commercial focused mixed-use developments.