RMJM Istanbul is a passionate team of designers and architects deeply committed to developing world class services in the design industry.

The strong design background and experience of RMJM Istanbul enables the studio to deliver breath-taking and award-winning projects such as the Varyap Meridian and the Metropol Istanbul. RMJM Istanbul’s approach to design is shaped around the entire development process, ensuring proper construction viability and commercial profitability on every project.


Cebeci Cad. No 24/A
Akatlar 34335

T: +90 212 352 1730



Cassandra Themeli

RMJM Istanbul

With over 10 years’ experience in public infrastructure, building construction and engineering consulting in Greece, Serbia, Austria, and Turkey, Cassandra is a Civil Engineer and Sustainability Consultant for the RMJM Istanbul team. Cassandra is dedicated to sustainable design, believing sustainability can only be achieved through retrofitting existing building stock and the careful planning of future projects. One of her key assets is her familiarity in working with professionals of diverse backgrounds as a part of multinational teams.

Ioannis Bourlakis

RMJM Istanbul

In his role as Associate Architect at RMJM Istanbul, Ioannis Bourlakis has worked on a number of projects in Istanbul, Athens, Jeddah and Abuja. Ioannis holds a Masters in Architecture from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow and uses his determined work ethic to ensure projects are as ambitious as they are achievable. His previous work experience in real estate drives Ioannis to deliver designs that tend to the client's interests whilst respecting the timelessness of the environment.