RMJM Architecture in Europe

Sir Robert Matthew and Stirrat Johnson-Marshall first entered into partnership in 1956, creating RMJM with the firm’s first offices established in Edinburgh and London. Despite their opposite temperaments, the founding fathers shared a belief in the value of diversity and powerful reputations in public service. While Robert was Chief Architect and Planning Officer at the Scottish Home and Health Department, Johnson-Marshall was widely credited as being the driving force behind the prefabricated school design, enabling Britain to meet the significant demand for post-war school construction. The firm established a reputation for functional, modernist design and by the early 1970s, RMJM had grown to be one of the UK’s most iconic architectural practices. RMJM is responsible for some of London’s most recognisable buildings including the Royal Commonwealth Institute, New Zealand House and the Royal Festival Hall.

Entrepreneurial & international in an era, particularly within architectural circles, where such ambition was not common practice, the founders initiated a culture of internationalism that has remained with the business throughout its long history.

Despite the international profile of the firm, some of RMJM’s most celebrated works have been completed in Scotland, including the Falkirk Wheel, The New Scottish Parliament and the Commonwealth Games Village in Glasgow. Around the UK, RMJM buildings can be found in almost every sector. However, it is in the field of European education architecture that RMJM has been most widely recognised, with signature buildings in Oxford & Cambridge among the highlights.

In 2011, RMJM acquired YRM in London, a long established practice with a wealth of experience and a significant portfolio of work in transport, infrastructure, science and technology. YRM were part of the design team on Heathrow’s Terminal 5 and have become increasingly recognised for their thought leadership on various design topics.

RMJM’s steps into mainland Europe were primarily project driven during the latter years of the 20th Century and early years of the 21st Century. The most notable of these, and probably the most high profile project in the firm’s history, was a commission to design a new 500m tower for Gazprom in St Petersburg. The project was secured by RMJM London in competition with some of the world’s leading signature designers.

The 21st Century has seen RMJM establish footholds around Europe. In Turkey, RMJM has a significant presence, with offices in Istanbul and Ankara. The firm has developed a very strong portfolio of built work including the widely acclaimed Varyap Meridian project in Istanbul. In Rome, RMJM Italy has developed an increasingly recognised team of designers, working on multiple projects around the world and offering their exquisite interior design expertise to the whole RMJM family.

Continuing to Redefine Architecture

We have assembled a family of Architects worthy of the RMJM heritage. We are characterised by our passion to design buildings which enhance the quality of all aspects of your life. We have no ego. Our designs define us.

International Design Delivered Locally

We have been International Architects for fifty years. We think globally but we are not visitors. We live where you live, speak your language and share your values. We are where you need us to be.

Our Strength is Our Partnership

The RMJM family is spread across five continents. We work for and with each other. We work for and with our partners and clients. Our success is founded on a mutually dependent culture which inspires visionary design.


Arta Rostami Ravari

Arta Rostami Ravari is the Managing Director and Head of Design at RMJM Arta Tehran and RMJM Arta Zurich. Her diverse background in Civil Engineering, Architecture and Economics, coupled with her deep understanding of Iran and Switzerland, ensures that clients' exact specifications remain at the forefront of every project.


Angelo Di Palma

As Project Manager at RMJM Italia, Angelo Di Palma has a unique understanding of the skills and knowledge required to maintain resilient client-designer relationships while delivering world class design. With experience in both industrial and interior design, Angelo’s vision and leadership have played a decisive role in RMJM’s Italia being recognised as a world leader in design. One of the founding members of, Angelo has also taught Interior Design at the University of Architecture in Rome.


Nihar Tana

As a senior architect at RMJM Italia, Nihar Tana applies his experience to every project in which he’s involved. With an in-depth knowledge of the latest developments in BIM (Building Information Modelling) software, Nihar has successfully led several high-profile projects from inception to completion. Through his numerous collaborations with other leading design studios, he has developed projects for the prestigious Bulgari Office and other well-known Italian Commercial Stores such as FURLA and Chopard.


Sotiris Tsoulos

With extensive experience in Scotland, Austria, Greece, Dubai and Malaysia, Sotiris Tsoulos is the Managing Partner of RMJM Istanbul. Sotiris utilises his vast expertise on everything from large scale urban projects and Olympic Games arenas to archaeology, office buildings, hotels and housing. He combines on-site knowledge and experience with the contemporary architectural principles of sustainable design, human scale and understanding of the urban environment. Sotiris is an advocate of simple architecture, economical design and regular client-correspondence.


Goran Nikolic

As the CEO and lead Project Architect for RMJM Serbia, Goran Nikolic ensures his twenty years’ experience in the industry is utilised on every project. With experience in residential, sports, commercial and interior design, Goran’s work has been published throughout Serbia. The studio’s urban planning work for the city of Kraljevo received a commendation for Best Innovative Project in 2013.


Jelena Krstovic Nikolic

With extensive experience in residential, commercial , sports and interior design, Jelena Nikolic excels in coordinating complex teams to produce inimitable and innovative designs. As lead architect of RMJM Serbia, Jelena’s comprehensive knowledge of the industry extends to engineer surveillance and allows her to resolve intricate design details to tight deadlines.


Roberto Tripi

Roberto Tripi is the CEO of RMJM Italy, which he has led with his business partner Simone Cellitti since 2014. Roberto’s impressive background is built on a number of national and international experiences, including the first post-graduate workshop of the Renzo Piano Workshop Foundation. Between 2001 and 2007, Roberto tutored Architectonic design at the Department of Architecture at the University La Sapienza in Rome.


Simone Cellitti

The Executive Director of RMJM Italy, Simone Cellitti joined the firm in 2014 following RMJM’s partnership with Simone and his business partner Roberto Tripi’s Pentastudio. Simone’s professional experiences gave him numerous opportunities to work on different aspects of industrial architecture and interior design. Simone collaborates with the Architecture Department of the University La Sapienza in Rome as a tutor in Architecture Design.


Ioannis Bourlakis

In his role as Project Architect at RMJM Istanbul, Ioannis Bourlakis has worked on a number of projects in Istanbul, Athens, Jeddah and Abuja. Ioannis holds a Masters in Architecture from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow and uses his determined work ethic to ensure projects are as ambitious as they are achievable. His previous work experience in real estate drives Ioannis to deliver designs that tend to the client's interests whilst respecting the timelessness of the environment.


Cassandra Themeli

With over 10 years prior experience in public infrastructure, building construction and engineering consulting in Greece, Serbia, Austria and Turkey, Cassandra is a Civil Engineer and Sustainability Consultant for the RMJM Istanbul team. Cassandra is dedicated to sustainable design, believing sustainability can only be achieved through retrofitting existing building stock and the careful planning of future projects.


RMJM Europe | Studios

RMJM Istanbul

RMJM Istanbul is a young and passionate team of designers and architects deeply committed to developing world class services in the design industry.

The strong design background and experience of RMJM Istanbul, combined with the unique leadership of the principal Sotiris Tsoulos enables the studio to deliver breath-taking and award-winning projects such as the Varyap Meridian and the Metropol Istanbul. RMJM Istanbul’s approach to design is shaped around the entire development process, ensuring proper construction viability and commercial profitability on every project.

Cebeci Cad. No 24/A
Akatlar 34335

T: +90 212 352 1730
E: [email protected]

RMJM Italy

Founded in 1998, RMJM Italy brings its in-depth knowledge of client-oriented design to every new development. The culmination of Simone Cellitti’s and Roberto Tripi’s experience, RMJM Italy’s determined team of design professionals focuses on delivering an exceptional quality standard in architecture and interior design.

Thanks to the wide variety of specialist skills at RMJM Italy’s disposal, the studio offers an organic system studied from multiple architectural standpoints while providing a comprehensive view of every specific dimension. Although the Studio’s experience spans many forms of architectural design, the studio is internationally recognised for their interior design works, with several publications and television interviews. RMJM Italy’s continuous research for the best solution in interior design, industrial design and exhibition spaces, not to mention their close collaboration with the other RMJM studios across the world, results in an organic approach to every project.

Via Gregorio VII 295

T: +39 06 6880 9803
E: [email protected]

RMJM Serbia

RMJM Serbia is a multi-disciplinary team of dedicated architects, designers, and engineers operating from Belgrade, with a portfolio that spans the entire region. With a strong background in innovative architecture, interior design, engineering and construction supervision, the studio has extensive experience in designing everything from sports facilities to commercial masterplans to residential developments.

Led by CEO and established designer Goran Nikolic and lead architect Jelena Nikolic, RMJM Serbia share the RMJM family’s ethos of redefining architecture through contemporary design informed by culturally relevant understanding. The studio’s unique geographic setting reinforces RMJM’s commitment to international design standards implemented through an inherent local understanding.

The studio has established a reputation for unique but functional design, with projects such as the Sports Arena Kolonija in the Serbian town of Smederevska Palanka and the Kingstown masterplan exhibiting a unique balance between traditional design and contemporary innovation.

Zoran Djindjic Blvd 94/52
New Belgrade

T: +381 11 40681 00
E: [email protected]

RMJM Arta Zurich

RMJM Arta Zurich is a vibrant multi-disciplinary studio dedicated to delivering the highest quality of architecture to its client. The team led by the Managing Director Arta Rostami is resourceful and passionate about consistently surpassing their clients expectations.

Whether it’s architecture, interior design or lead consultancy, the studio demonstrate their innovative vision across every field. Together with its sister studio in Tehran, RMJM Arta Zurich is internationally recognised for their experience in museums and cultural projects, which they put at the service of RMJM clients worldwide.