Studio Overview

RMJM East Africa and Botswana provide highly innovative solutions for the betterment and development of East African Architecture

RMJM East Africa & Botswana is a highly experienced design team with comprehensive practice in sustainable, innovative design and a distinct knowledge of local markets. Located across the sub-Saharan African continent, RMJM East Africa & Botswana maintains studios in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kampala, Dar es Salaam and Gaborone. The team focuses on ecologically sound, original design and consistent client satisfaction through regular communication. The studios use their considerable local knowledge and comprehensive experience to deliver innovative client-focused developments.

Designs such as the Hill Towers complex in Uganda’s capital Kampala City highlight the firm’s creative potential, while the Sheheena Apartments of Kenya’s second largest city Mombasa showcase the firm’s pioneering residential designs. Working in collaboration with other RMJM Studios across the world and in particular Asia, RMJM East Africa & Botswana is capable of procuring large-scale projects in a range of sectors; allowing the firm to further develop the portfolio across the African continent.


Kenya (Nairobi)


Dagoretti Road, Karen
P.O Box 24002-00502
Nairobi, Kenya

: +254 020-2688048/9
: [email protected]

Kenya (Mombasa)


Links Road
P.O Box 84181-80100
Mombasa, Kenya

: +254-041-470188 / 0202057706
: [email protected]

Uganda (Kampala)


5 Bandali Rise, Bugolobi
Kampala, Uganda

: +256 414 251142
: [email protected]

Tanzania (Dar es Salaam)

Dar es Salaam

Plot No. 421
P. O. Box 105548
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

: +255 22 2761085 / +255 22 2761346
: [email protected]

Botswana (Gaborone)


1st floor,
Unit 2, Plot 50362 Fairgrounds
Gaborone, Botswana

: +267 3952882/3951494
: [email protected]


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