RMJM Arta Tehran is a multi-disciplinary team of dedicated architects and designers whose extensive experience and intrinsic local knowledge ensure the clients exact specifications remain at the forefront of every project. With a strong background in innovative architecture, together with its sister studio in Zurich, RMJM Arta Tehran is internationally recognised for its experience in museums and cultural projects.

Led by the Managing Director Arta Rostami, RMJM Arta Tehran shares the RMJM family’s ethos of redefining architecture through contemporary design informed by culturally relevant understanding. The studio’s unique geographic setting reinforces RMJM commitment to international design standards implemented through an inherent local understanding.





Arta Rostami Ravari

RMJM Arta Tehran

Arta Rostami Ravari is Managing Director and Head of Design at RMJM Arta Tehran and RMJM Arta Zurich. Her diverse background in Civil Engineering, Architecture and Economics, coupled with her deep understanding of Iran and Switzerland, ensures that clients’ exact specifications remain at the forefront of every project.