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RMJM’s origins in Central Asia began in Pakistan in 1960 when the Government of Pakistan engaged RMJM, as part of a team of world renowned experts including acclaimed Greek masterplanners Doxiadis and Harvard University, to shape the vision of the nation’s Capital Islamabad.

This team would be reunited in the early part of the 21st Century when Pakistan’s Defence Housing Authority (DHA) invited RMJM, Doxiadis and Harvard to collaborate, once again. This time the project was a new sustainable City outside Karachi. This project established a close relationship between RMJM & Osmani, one of Pakistan’s oldest and most established Architecture & Engineering firms.

Today RMJM Osmani is headquartered in Karachi and pursues projects around Pakistan, the Central Asian region and across the world.

RMJM also enjoy an enduring relationship with India, established in the later part of the 20th Century and in particular in the 21st Century where RMJM’s UK and Hong Kong Studios worked extensively in the country. Early housing projects for major developers in the country led to a series of more high profile commissions including the Kolkata Convention Centre, a new International Terminal at Kolkata Airport and a series of new stations for Hyderabad Metro.
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Continuing to Redefine Architecture

We have assembled a family of Architects worthy of the RMJM heritage. We are characterised by our passion to design buildings which enhance the quality of all aspects of your life. We have no ego. Our designs define us.

International Design Delivered Locally

We have been International Architects for fifty years. We think globally but we are not visitors. We live where you live, speak your language and share your values. We are where you need us to be.

Our Strength is Our Partnership

The RMJM family is spread across five continents. We work for and with each other. We work for and with our partners and clients. Our success is founded on a mutually dependent culture which inspires visionary design.


Atif Osmani

As CEO of RMJM Osmani, Atif Osmani is responsible for Design and Business Development for the Studio. Atif has over 25 years extensive experience of working in Pakistan and in the Middle East, with demonstrated success in managing large & complex projects. Atif studied at Iowa State University where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and later gained his Masters in Architecture from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. He joined M/s Osmani & Co.(Pvt.) Ltd. after graduation and has since successfully delivered a variety of projects.

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RMJM Osmani

RMJM Osmani finds the perfect union between RMJM’s story of successful innovation and the experience of one of Pakistan’s oldest and most established Architecture & Engineering firms: Osmani. The relationship between the two studios was established in the 1960s when both firms were engaged by the Pakistan Defence Housing Authority (DHA) to develop the masterplan for what would go on to be the capital city, Islamabad. The two firms reunited in the early 21st Century to assist in the development of a new sustainable City outside Karachi.

Today, RMJM Osmani prides itself on being the first Global Sustainable Architectural Studio in Pakistan. With 25 years of extensive experience in Pakistan and in the Middle East, RMJM Osmani provides full Architectural Design Services on Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) methodology, supported through extensive use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) technologies. The team cover several sectors, the most prominent of which are hospitality, healthcare, education, commercial and industrial sectors.

The studio’s sustainable focus, coupled with its comprehensive experience in the region, has produced a number of new project designs, including the DHA Karachi project, to which the studio have developed a highly innovative, pedestrian focused masterplan.


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