RMJM Group

The role of the RMJM Group team is to inspire, support and develop RMJM Studios around the world, guided at all times by the three key principles around which the Group functions:

To provide our studios with the means to continue to redefine Architecture, our Group team must continually challenge traditional models of marketing, business development, technology and communication.

In order to support our studios in delivering international design locally, our Group team need to maintain a culturally sensitive, multilingual, highly communicative approach, coupled with a detailed knowledge of the skills and experience within the Group.

In order to effectively develop successful RMJM Studios around the World, the Group team must work to ensure interaction, communication and most importantly, collaboration between Studios by forming, building and stimulating effective partnerships in all parts of the Group.

The Group team comprises multilingual experts in marketing, business development, strategy, technology, social media, digital services, communications and finance. Every member of the Group team is focused on providing RMJM’s studios with the support necessary to allow them to devote their time to the pursuit of professional excellence and, more importantly, to consistently surpass their clients expectations.

Continuing to Redefine Architecture

We have assembled a family of Architects worthy of the RMJM heritage. We are characterised by our passion to design buildings which enhance the quality of all aspects of your life. We have no ego. Our designs define us.

International Design Delivered Locally

We have been International Architects for fifty years. We think globally but we are not visitors. We live where you live, speak your language and share your values. We are where you need us to be.

Our Strength is Our Partnership

The RMJM family is spread across five continents. We work for and with each other. We work for and with our partners and clients. Our success is founded on a mutually dependent culture which inspires visionary design.

Chiara Galleani

As the leader of RMJM Group’s marketing team Chiara is focused on building mutually beneficial relationships between RMJM Studios around the World and supporting each of them in their pursuit of projects. Chiara speaks English, French, Spanish and Italian fluently and is constantly looking to expand and develop the International focus of her team. Prior to joining RMJM she worked in a communication role within the European Community in Brussels.

Benjamin Graham

Ben has a background in writing and journalism. As RMJM Group’s Chief Content Editor, Ben’s focus is on ensuring all written material emanating from the RMJM Group team or RMJM Studios around the world is consistently of the highest quality. In particular, Ben works diligently to produce a regular stream of creative, compelling content for the RMJM Website and social media channels.

Agata Aleksandra Zaremba

Agata has a background in International Business. As RMJM Group’s Business Development Executive, Agata is focused on developing strong relationships with current & potential, national, multinational and institutional clients of the Group. Using her exceptional interpersonal skills and extensive knowledge of foreign markets, Agata effectively supports RMJM Studios around the world. Born in Poland, Agata spent several years in Sweden before moving to the UK.

Declan Thompson

Declan has a background in corporate finance and private equity. As RMJM Group Commercial Director Declan has worked alongside Peter Morrison in building, developing and supporting RMJM businesses around the world. Declan is a Chartered Accountant and prior to joining RMJM was a director at Deloitte where he led a specialist M&A and integration team working with international, public and private clients at different stages of development.

Peter Morrison

Peter has a background in strategy and private equity. As RMJM Group CEO, Peter has led RMJM through a period of dynamic and strategic global expansion, particularly focused on fostering and developing strong relationships with institutional and government clients in rapidly emerging international markets. Peter has a Law Degree, an MBA and was commissioned from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst into the British Army where he served in an Infantry Regiment reaching the rank of Captain.

Anél Jansen

Anel has a background in accounting and reporting. As RMJM Group’s Management Accountant Anél’s focus is on providing the Executive team with the information they need to make strategic decisions. Anel has a keen eye for detail, is methodical and diligent and is consistently striving to deliver valuable information to decision makers around the Group in a timely fashion.

Heather Murray

Heather has a background in international finance & banking. As RMJM’s Group Commercial Manager, Heather uses her considerable and wide ranging experience to support RMJM Studios commercially. Heather is a problem solver and an excellent communicator making her the “go to” person for RMJM Studios around the world looking for help in overcoming a difficult client related commercial issue.

Steve Caffrey

Steve has a background working internationally in design, technology and digital product development. As Head of Digital for RMJM Group, Steve focuses on continually improving the way RMJM Studios communicate with one another as well as how they present themselves and their projects to their clients. Steve is entrepreneurial, creative, extremely diligent and never stops searching for new and improved ways of supporting RMJM Studios from a digital or technology perspective.

Rachel Feng

Rachel has a background in international relations and digital media. As RMJM Group’s marketing lead for Asia, Rachel’s focus is on fostering collaboration between RMJM Studios in Asia and the wider RMJM Global Network and supporting their pursuit of projects. In particular Rachel is very focused on developing relationships with multinational clients in China seeking to invest in Africa. Rachel has lived and worked in both the UK and China and is fluent in Mandarin and English.

RMJM Group Contacts

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