Five Continents, One Mission

RMJM is one of the largest, most geographically and culturally diverse architecture firms in the world. Nearly 2000 people, representing 56 nationalities and speaking more than 40 languages are bound by 3 key principles:

Continuing to Redefine Architecture

We have assembled a family of Architects worthy of the RMJM heritage. We are characterised by our passion to design buildings which enhance the quality of all aspects of your life. We have no ego. Our designs define us.

International Design Delivered Locally

We have been International Architects for fifty years. We think globally but we are not visitors. We live where you live, speak your language and share your values. We are where you need us to be.

Our Strength is Our Partnership

The RMJM family is spread across five continents. We work for and with each other. We work for and with our partners and clients. Our success is founded on a mutually dependent culture which inspires visionary design.

RMJM at a glance:

Who we are

We are RMJM, one of the World’s largest Architecture firms with nearly 2000 people, in 27 studios spread across 5 Continents.

How we got here

RMJM was founded in 1956 by Sir Robert Matthew & Stirrat Johnson- Marshall in the United Kingdom.  Entrepreneurial & Internationalist from the outset, a series of high profile design commissions in London provided a platform for expansion outside the UK. By the late 1960’s RMJM were supporting the British Government, the United Nation and a serious of international Governments on major projects in the Middle East & North Africa and formally established RMJM in Dubai in 1971 before the formation of the United Arab Emirates. The 1970’s saw RMJM established in Asia and working in China as early as the mid-1980’s.  A period of stagnation followed the retirement of the founding partners in the 80’s and 90’s but by the beginning of the 21st Century a series of high profile project wins including the new Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, the Gazprom Tower in St Petersburg and the Media and Broadcasting Centre for the Beijing Olympics heralded another period of international expansion resulting in an RMJM business today established across 5 Continents.

What we do

Our range of services includes architecture, interior design, master planning, urban design, sustainable design, engineering, arts consultancy, landscape design, preservation architecture, environmental graphics and visualisation.

Where we are

RMJM offices can be found in Edinburgh & London in the UK, New York & Los Angeles in the US, Dubai & Abu Dhabi in the UAE, Shanghai & Shenzhen in China, Istanbul & Ankara in Turkey, Buenos Aires and Cordoba in Argentina, Nairobi & Mombasa in Kenya, Karachi in Pakistan, Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, La Paz in Bolivia, Monterrey in Mexico, Rome in Italy, Pretoria in South Africa, Kampala in Uganda, Juba in South Sudan, Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, Gaborone in Botswana and Hong Kong.

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