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Suning Plaza Langfang City Complex, Langfang, China 中國廊坊城市客廳綜合體項目

位置 中國廊坊 | 面積 600,000平方米 | 年份 2013 

Suning Plaza Langfang City complex located in between Beijing and Tianjin with a total construction area of 600,000 square meters; where the total ground floor area of 437,196 square meters that encompasses residential, office, hotel, commercial and other functions into one diverse city.

The design includes integrated residential and commercial facilities around the new town square that intended to create an “CIty living room” for the city. This new public plaza will reflect the core values of “city living room” to tie the entire business, arts and living environment together and to create a new city heart of the LangFang City.


Suning Plaza Mixed-Use Development, ZhenJiang, China 中國鎮江蘇寧廣場

位置中國鎮江 | 面積20,000平方米 | 年份預計2014年落成

Location Zhenjiang, China | Size GFA: 20,000sq.m. | Year Anticipated construction completion in 2014

Zhenjiang Suning Plaza is located at the interchange between Jiefang Road and Zhongshan East Road, centered at the heart of Zhenjiang City. The project covers a total area of 33,600 sqm and a total GFA of approximately 40,000 sqm. At a maximum building height of 300 metres, the new building will dominate the city skyline and become the new icon of Zhenjiang.  The estimated completion date is 2015.

This Project consists of commercial shopping centres,a super five-star hotel, Grade A office spaces, serviced apartments, a large electrical flagship store, combined together to create interesting spaces for public activities and functions to enhance the existing CBD area.

The design aims to respond to Zhenjiang’s strong historical and cultural elements, reflect natural landscape qualities to create a building that will enhance the beautiful existing cityscape of Zhenjiang and become the new city image.


Zhuhai Shizimen Business Cluster Exhibition and Convention Centre, Zhuhai, China 珠海十字門中央商務區會展商務組團

位置中國珠海 | 面積640,000 平方米 | 年份預計於2013年完工 

Location Suzhou, China | Size GFA: 640,000 sq.m. | Year Anticipated construction completion in 2013

RMJM won the competition for the iconic Zhuhai Convention and Exhibition Complex with a design that tries to encapsulate the characteristics that make the city so unique: its relationship to its landscape, water front and romantic tradition.

The new Zhuhai Convention and Exhibition Complex is a key element of the development of the wider Shizimen Business District in Zhuhai. The 550,000 sqm business and exhibition cluster will be built in two phases and is located in the northern part of the district. The cluster includes an international convention centre, exhibition centre, a Class A office building, two 5-star hotels, business apartments and supporting facilities split into two sites.

The design concept for the convention centre is driven by the “city of romance” moniker for the city, and the connection of the site to the water. As such it has been designed as a sensuous ribbon that wraps around both open and enclosed space at the water’s edge, including key elements of the development such as meeting areas and landscape features.




Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Singapore

Alexandra Hospital in Singapore, established in 1938, was renowned as one of the most modern hospitals in Southeast Asia up through the 1970s. Today, RMJM’s design for the new 550-bed institution recreates the charm and ambiance of the pre-war facility while providing the highest level of staff efficiency in a patient-centered environment. The hospital also utilizes energy-efficient features which reduce energy costs by 50% and provide 70% of the floor area with the potential for natural ventilation. The design reserves a significant portion of the first subterranean level for vital facilities such as triage, treatment, surgery and holding spaces, which are blast-protected. The ambulance and emergency areas are similarly outfitted for civil emergencies, incorporating large decontamination and quarantine areas with dedicated MEP systems.

The concept behind the aesthetic organization of the hospital is driven by the utilization of the natural advantages of the site; given the benefits of natural surroundings, the design team developed the idea of “the Hospital in a Garden.” Yishun Pond itself grew to be a central feature of the design; inpatient units face the pond, whose shoreline is to be reclaimed for exercise paths and food pavilions. The pond provides a soothing waterscape view for staff and patients in the nursing towers at the eastern edge of the 32,000 sqm site, while the garden landscape greets visitors, patients and staff at the entry to Yishun Central Avenue at the western extremity. A series of planted terraces between upper floor patient towers culminate the “garden hospital” experience.

The marriage of cutting-edge security and safety features with the natural beauty of Yishun Pond and its surrounding environment results in a healthcare facility distinctive both in its aesthetic and in the quality of health care delivery.

Capital Gate ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Phase 3 The Capital Gate ‘Feature Tower’ is high quality iconic building located on the exhibition site. It is distinguished by a dramatic steel and glass facade with a striking organic form. With its cantilevered tea lounge and open air pool deck, it provides a unique presence on the skyline of Abu Dhabi and creates a memorable identity to the exhibition centre. A sculptural stainless steel ‘splash’ flows down the front and at low level forms the hotel entrance canopy, flowing over the existing grandstand and acting as a solar shading device for both the building and the grandstand seating.

A free form internal atrium with a dynamic glass roof brings natural light and space deep into the tower. External lighting is designed to minimise both light pollution and energy consumption, based on a combination of low-level landscape lighting with façade lighting comprising a net of compact LED clusters integrated into the design of the steel glazing system.The building is now 35 storeys high and offers over 16,000 sqm of high quality office space, as well as Abu Dhabi’s first Hyatt hotel, ‘The Hyatt@Capital Centre’. It stands at over 160m tall.

Structurally, this challenging building sits on an intensive distribution of 490 piles which have been drilled 30 metres underground to accommodate the gravitational, wind and seismic forces caused by the distinctive lean of the building.

The Feature Tower is an exemplary example of RMJM’s design and in-house engineering capabilities.

In January 2010 Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi was recognised as the world’s furthest leaning manmade tower by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Las Colinas Convention Centre, Irving, USA

In 2007, the City of Irving retained RMJM to design the master plan for its new meetings and entertainment complex,
including the Irving Convention Centre. The new Convention Centre at Las Colinas seeks to make Irving, Texas the preferred regional destination for business and leisure tourism. The structure combines the exclusivity and sophistication of corporate conferencing with a venue capable of mounting large-scale events and trade expositions.

The striking silhouette rises up from the landscape, greeting visitors from as far away as busy Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.The convention centre provides open views through and between program areas, inside and out, onto rooftop garden terraces and balcony overlooks. A play on the typically horizontal orientation of traditional convention centres, the Irving Convention Centre distinguishes itself through its upward geometry. Spatial functions are arranged vertically to promote views and linkages with escalators connecting each floor with speed and comfort. The stacking of program elements creates a much desired efficiency in land use that reduces overall building footprint and improves the efficiency of services delivered.

Gate of the Orient, Suzhou, China

The design for the Gate of the Orient was inspired by the combined Chinese traditions and western influences of the projects two lead designers.

The result is a mix of westernised pure form and Chinese subtlety. The project introduces a dramatic iconic 'gateway' to the city of Suzhou and represents the significance of the China in the world today. As the focal point of the new central business district, the Gate of the Orient has drawn inspiration from the historic and cultural references of the traditional famous Gardens of Suzhou and of the Orient will stand almost 300m high and sits directly above a major underground rail interchange which will be fully integrated into the completed building.

Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, England

RMJM was appointed by the Medical Research Council in 2005 to design a new building for the world-famous Laboratory of Molecular Biology at Addenbrookes in Cambridge, UK. The new facility will provide highly flexible laboratory space for 400 researchers, many of whom are world leaders in their field and responsible for groundbreaking discoveries and inventions including the structure of DNA and DNA sequencing.

The design concept for the 24,000 sqm laboratory is based on the 'X' form of dividing cells which will create three main areas linked by a unifying central space that will become an active hub at the heart of the building. This space has an important role to play, encouraging interaction between the different research groups and reinforcing the sense of togetherness within the research community. The project is scheduled for completion early 2012.

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